Torque Motors

  1. Aerotech :

    Aerotech offers S-series motors high-performance brushless, frameless torque motors. The motors feature rare- earth magnets for maximum torque and acceleration in a compact assembly.The S-series slotless motors cover a wide range of torque and package sizes. Continuous torque ranges from 0.20 N·m to 29.09 N·m. Peak torque ranges from 0.82 N·m to 116.37 N·m. The open design of the S-series motors allows for custom winding or mechanical variations to meet any application need.

  2. Allied Motion :

    Allied Motion offers brushless torque motors in both frameless and housed versions. Each torque motor model is optimized for high torque and high performance operation in precision electric servo applications where a high torque dc motor is desirable. Housed torque motor models are available with or without integrated electric servo drives. Allied Torque Motors covers wide range of torque up to 2020 N.m.