stepper drives

a) Stepper / Servo drives


2-Phase stepping Motors and Drivers:

  • Motor flange size: 14mm to 106mm.
  • Torque of 0.0065Nm to 19 Nm
  • Integrated stepper motors with drive

3-Phase Stepping Motors and Drives

Includes a driver and motor for a DC input set model with a motor base angle of 1.2deg, and covers a wide variety of applications, including FAX machines and manufacturing equipment for semiconductors.

5-Phase Stepping Motors and Drivers:

  • Motor flange size: 28mm to 106mm.
  • Torque of 0.04Nmto 16Nm
  • Integrated Stepper motor with drive and Low backlash gear, Harmonic gear & Electromagnetic brake model.

Uni-polar & Bipolar Stepper Drives:

  • Available with Micro Stepping option
  • Supply voltage of 24/36VDC
  • 2 phase,3 Phase & 5 phase Stepper Drives
  • Input current 3A
  • Output Current Max 2A
PB Series: Closed Loop Stepping System

  • Motor flange size: 28mm angle to 60mm.
  • Best suited for low cost applications with feedback.
  • High speed positioning
  • Support upto 4 axes
  • High speed positioning
  • Stable stopping, no hunting effect
  • Acts as Low cost servo