FPX: High performance compact terminal block type controller with wide selection of add-on cassettes allows space saving use of the controller for variety of purposes equipped with a USB port for easy connection to a PC also compatible with Ethernet


  • Abundant program capacity
  • Equipped with an independent comment memory
  • Equipped with an high speed – RISC processor
  • Add -on cassettes can expand the functionality, maintaining the space – saving size.
  • Multi- axis control by the built in pulse output


Model type Operation speed Max l/o points Program capacity Extra Features
FP-X 320ns 382 32k steps USB, Ethernet, Add on cassette x 3
FP-lO 80 ns 216 L14/l30 – 25k steps,
L40/L60- 8K steps
Add on cassette x 3, RS485 communication port,
Built in 2 axis pulse output
FP2SH 30 ns 2048 Max 120k steps PROFIBUS DP, Del.1ceNet FL-NFT, CAN open
FP-e with display 900 ns 14 With display, Panel Mount type Yes
FPOR 80 ns 128 32k steps RS485 port, Battery less automatic backup of all data,
Multi axis control (4 axis) is available without expansion units.
FP7 11 ns 8192 196k steps Ethernet, RS232C, Communication cassette(RS232C, RS 422, RS 485, Max 2 channels customizable,
Ability to back up program using SD Memory card.