Motion Controller( SANMOTION C)

a)Motion Controller( SANMOTION C)

This product integrates motion control, robot control, and sequence control into one unit to provide major advantages in reduced device costs and shorter development times. Several different types of industrial networks can be used.

For use in material handling robots and general industrial machinery.

Image processing devices and a touch panel have also been developed as motion controller peripherals.


SANMOTION C With EtherCAT interface


  • High-speed fieldbus EtherCAT interface
  • A 33% reduction in volume from our conventional model



  • Supports variety of serial interfaces including GA1060, SERCOS, and CANopen
  • Motion control, robot control, and sequence control in one unit
  • Reduced wiring thanks to serial I/F

SANMOTION C Image Processing Device and Touch Panel


  • Suitable for conveying machinery, inspection equipment, and other devices requiring camera-based image processing
  • Touch panel screen interface that can be configured just by selecting from a rich set of on-screen elements