Micromotion Gmbh, with headquarters in mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany, has specialised since its foundation in 2001 in the development and manufacture of micro drive systems for positioning tasks. Our primary focus is the advanced development of micro gearboxes as well as other innovative micro gear principles, micro positioning systems and micro components. Because of these exceptional qualities, it is used successfully in equipment and machines for the most diverse fifields of application. many manufacturers rely on harmonic Drive Gears, particularly for machine tools, instrumentation and test equipment, as well as for medical equipment and for semiconductor production.An outstanding basis for innovation. The market is continuously looking for smaller actuators that will fifit into compact machines and portable units. The benchmark to be achieved is the least possible material combined with frugal, fast functionality.Micromotion Gmbh has already been honoured twice with the rheinland-Pfalz innovation award for trades and mid-sized companies. With this innovation award, the jury has recognised this promising company’s significance for the economy.