Machine Vision systems

Machine Vision Systems

Panasonic vision systems showcase innovative and precise image processing algorithms.

Features such as Pipeline (parallel) processing by Penta-Processor allows image processing

operations to be carried out without influence from display processing operations. Image transfer,

image processing, inspection processing, calculation, and display processing operations can be carried out asynchronously,

achieving ultra high speed processing. Durable and extremely accurate,

Panasonic vision systems offer high-end decoding capabilities complimented with simple setups.


  • PV240
  • PV200
  • PV500V2
  • PV260
  • PV230
  • PD60/PD65



Robot setup made totally simple! Introducing true robot vision


Solve alignment problems


All-in-one model featuring image processing,

optical character recognition (OCR) and code reading (CR) functions


Color and gray images can be simultaneously captured for inspection.

In addition, the “3+1” Quad processor provides ultra-high speed parallel processing,

significantly reducing the inspection time.


Substantial functions for solution tools.

Newly loaded features include, highly accurate approximations,

unnecessary operational expressions for geometrical operations,

and the highly flexible graphic drawing.

MICRO2D Code Reading Sensor

High-performance 2D code reading sensors Ideal for

direct marking on metal parts. IP67G-rated oil resistance,