1.) What are the products you deal with?

Solution: Motors, Gears, Drives, Motion Controllers, Encoders, Gear boxes, PLC and HMIs, Machine Vision Systems, Sensors, Cooling Fans, Power converters, industrial grade cameras, Motion control ICs and many more.

Please have a look at our product catalogue for more information

2.) Is System Controls and System Controls TSPL the same company?

Solution: Yes, it is the same company, however System Controls TSPL (SCTSPL) is a subsidiary of Parent company System Controls. SCTSPL is the leading distributor for globally reputed organizations and was developed to cater a wide range of application under Automation Domain. However, System Controls is into designing and manufacturing defence and aerospace systems.

3.) Does SCTSPL provide full-fledged customized solutions for PLCs and HMIs.

Solution: Yes, we do. We also suggest the best product that fits your requirement and also provide customised solutions.

4.) What kind of complete solutions do we offer?

Solutions: Special purpose machinery, XYZ Gantry Systems, Manufacturing processes, Handling Systems, Machine retrofits, Vision inspection and measuring systems.

5.) Does SCTSPL hold stock for its products?

Solutions: Yes we do. (but it is subject to availability based on the products)

6.) What is general lead-time for our products from principles?

Solution: 4-6 weeks (Highly product specific).

7.) Can I request for samples/Demos for any particular products.

Solution: Yes indeed. All you have to do is give a call or leave us a mail and we will get back to you.