Aero Tech

Aerotech is a manufacturer of high quality motors, drives, motion controllers, stages, gantries, gimbals/optical mounts, and custom systems, and is uniquely qualified to assist customers with all of motion control and positioning needs. They provide motion control and positioning solutions for applications in semiconductor, automotive, medical, electronics, photonics, imaging, and other industries. They also manufacture custom, vacuum, and cleanroom compatible components and systems

Aerotech’s product ranges includes the below


Aerotech’s “U-channel” and “flat” brushless linear servomotors have proven ideal for robots, actuators, tables/stages, fiber optics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems and in many other industrial automation applications. Aerotech linear motors are direct drive and consist of a noncontacting forcer coil and “U-channel” or “flat” rare-earth magnet track. This design eliminates backlash, windup, wear and maintenance issues associated with ball screw, belt and rack and pinion based motion control and positioning systems. The noncontact design of the forcer and magnet track results in a maintenance-free system. Aerotech manufactures a complete line of linear motors to meet the needs of your industrial automation application.


Aerotech manufactures drives for a wide range of industrial automation applications. Our drives power our own servomotors and complement Aerotech motion controllers in applications as diverse as industrial robots, vision systems, assembly machines, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic manufacturing and in a variety of other industrial control solutions. Aerotech drives, controllers and linear and rotary servomotors are perfectly matched to provide the ideal solution to your motion control application. Aerotech drives are available in PWM and linear output, with from 10 to 150 amps peak current.


Aerotech manufactures a large selection of linear , rotary , lift , and Z-axis positioning stages that utilize our own brushless linear direct-drive servomotors, as well as ball-screw models driven with Aerotech brush or brushless rotary motors. Travels for our linear tables range from 25 mm to 1.5 meters


Aerotech’s linear actuators are faster than a ball screw and more accurate than a belt drive. They harness the speed, acceleration and accuracy capability of a linear motor for the latest in high-throughput linear actuator technology. These linear actuators are ideal for pick-and-place machines, shuttle stages, assembly machines or as general-purpose positioners. Since Aerotech linear actuators integrate the mechanical and electrical components, they eliminate the guesswork involved with choosing bearings, motors, encoders and the other components required for a linear motor system.


Aerotech gimbal and optical mounts provide ultra-precise angular position, rate and acceleration for development and production testing of a wide range of systems. They are ideal for directing optics, lasers, antennas and sensors at high speed to very precise pointing angles. Typical gimbal and optical mount applications include missile seeker test and calibration, LIDAR, electro-optic sensor and FLIR testing, airborne target tracking, optical testing of space-based sensors in a vacuum and angular testing of inertial sensors such as gyros, MEMS, accelerometers and inertial reference units.


Some of the other products include